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About Us

Restaurant BANGERT'S – joy for the eyes, tastebuds and soul.

The Restaurant is located in the picturesque Kuldīga. The location is particularly romantic – on the bank of the River Venta, amid the Kuldīga Regional Museum and the newly renovated City Garden. The Restaurant has been named after Captain Bangerts. According to local legend, Captain Bangert brought a house from Paris to this spot in Kuldīga, as a wedding present for his fiancée. The Restaurant you see today is a replica of Mr. Bangerts’ former residency – a cosy place suited for relaxation in the Latvian countryside.

BANGERT'S interior is designed to produce that intimate feeling of home –highlighted by antique furniture, cosy sofas, tapestries, calm colouring of the walls and lampshades that create soft lighting and warmth on both storeys. The Restaurant has two terraces and a balcony that features a breathtaking view of the Venta Rapids and Kuldīga’s historic Brick Bridge. Both the bridge and the waterfall are widely known venues that attract a significant amount of tourists to the city. On the weekends the open-air “Goldingen Knight Cinema” takes place on the terraces of the restaurant.

The Restaurant BANGERT'S offers the ideal venue for banquets, off-site seminars, corporate events, weddings etc. During the winter, musical events, gourmands’, sommeliers’ and other interest group gatherings will take place. Premises are suitable for up to 100 guests and are equipped with a proper sound system.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to BANGERT'S to make their wishes come true.
P.S. It is forbidden to smoke in the restaurant and on the terraces.

WORKING TIME (September - May)

Monday: 12.00-21.00
Tuesdays: 12.00-21.00
Wednesday: 12.00-21.00
Thursday: 12.00-21.00
Friday: 12.00-22.00
Saturday: 12.00-22.00
Sunday: 12.00-21.00

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Aigars Sīlis


Aigars Sīlis is born in Kuldīga. He is an experienced cook who gained knowledge in former workplaces in Riga, various local and world-class workshops. He has returned to his home-town to offer classic and original dishes, Aigars creates a special taste and visual surprise pairing up local products with kitchen secrets from world-wide cousines.  

Responsible, ambitious and promising.


Linda Sarja

Restaurant manager

Restaurant manager Linda Sarja – was born and lived in Riga, but moved to Kuldiga. At the restaurant started to work as a waitress. Climbing up the career ladder has become the main waiter. And as a result of years of experience and determination, she became the restaurant manager.
Targeted, accurate, responsible


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